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HIV has a similar impact to diabetes on heart disease risk

Living with HIV carries the same lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease as having diabetes, even after taking into account smoking, a US study has estimated. The investigators say that more research is needed to find out whether preventive treatments such as statins...

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Experts question Cochrane review of hepatitis C treatment

The Cochrane reviewers highlight a major limitation of their review: most trials had short follow-up periods, so “our results can neither confirm nor reject that DAAs have clinical long-term effects”. In fact, the average follow-up period was just 34 weeks, far too...

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Fractures occur at an earlier age among men with HIV

The incidence of fractures begins to rise a full decade earlier in HIV-positive men compared to their HIV-negative peers, investigators from the United Sates report in AIDS. Analysis by age group showed that fracture incidence among men in their 50s was double that...

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