HIV treatment has developed significantly in recent years, so that people with the virus now live long, healthy lives. But in developing countries access to life-saving ARVs and the care required to ensure that they work properly is not yet widespread. People are still dying from lack of drugs or appropriate support.

AidsArk is a small hands-on charity working with doctors on the ground in these countries to provide ARVs and associated care so that people don’t die, and can go on to live healthy, productive lives.

Dinner for 1 is AidsArk’s flagship fundraising initiative – where every singly penny raised from every donation goes to providing HIV medication and supporting care.

Specifically – for every £300 AidsArk raises, a person’s life can be saved for a year.

Since Dinner for One started in 2012 we have raised over £120,000, and 2017 will be our landmark 5th event. We hope you will join us in making it an outstanding success.

Sign Up Now to Host a Dinner on Saturday 1st April 2017

What do I need to do?
If you’ve hosted before, you know the deal.
If you haven’t, it’s simple.

Invite some friends around for dinner on Saturday April 1st 2017. You do the food, hopefully they bring the booze. We broadly recommend that each guest donates £50, so that each dinner party raises at least £300. The payment process is easy and simple as it’s all automated by us.

After dinner is when the fun starts. Each dinner ships its guests into town for an afterparty with DJs, drinks, dancing and a special performance from the incredibly talented Jonathan Hellyer as The D.E. Experience. 10pm-3am, with a cash bar.

So please sign up and join us in saving more lives.

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Thank you for signing up to host a dinner. We will provide you with all the information you need to run a successful evening.

In the meantime please mark Saturday 1st April 2017 in your diary and start thinking about who you’d like to invite.

Best wishes

The AidsArk 2017 Dinner for 1 Committee

David Primost

Martin Franklin

Malcolm Russell

Dominique Gagnon

Alasdair Brown

David Clarke

AidsArk 2017 Ambassadors

Richie Cristina

Richard Masters

Simon Solomon

Dean Marks