Half a million people live with HIV in Thailand.  Although antiretroviral medication is available from the government for Thai citizens, it is not available to the Burmese refugees who live in the border areas.  Amongst these thousands of refugees, those with HIV have no access to HAART treatment and many are dying.

AIDS Ark has provided funds since early 2012 to the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot, a clinic established by Dr Cynthia Maung in 1989.  AIDS Arks funds the supply of ARVs and associated medical care for 20 HIV+ positive patients who are all in urgent need of medication and associated care.

On top of ARVs, AIDS Ark provides funds to cover the laboratory testing, medicines for opportunistic infections and general medical care, all of which are necessary aspects of successful HIV treatment.  For the migrant population on the Thai-Burma border, food supplements and transportation support are essential components of care for patients to be able to achieve adherence to the medical regimen, so funds are also being supplied to cover these costs as well.